The secret of success

Our employees – the keystones of the company

The success of URSAPHARM depends first and foremost on people. The creative force of our employees, their commitment and their motivation form the sound basis for an excellent market position and represent a driving force for innovative product development. The success of the company is ensured by the commitment of more than 500 highly qualified employees at our headquarters and in the various distribution countries.

URSAPHARM’s success is no accident. From the very beginning the company has been committed above all to employee satisfaction. Indeed, the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s guiding principles state that success depends first and foremost on people. It is therefore only logical that URSAPHARM has had a flat organisational structure from the beginning. Short channels, fast decisions – the freedom our employees enjoy generates a huge amount of creativity and innovation. Furthermore, at URSAPHARM a great deal of time and attention is dedicated to training and professional development as well as the sharing of knowledge. The newly established URSAPHARM Academy, for example, offers training courses for all divisions and at all levels of the company. Moreover, the comparatively high hiring rate of trainees – whether it be in the technical, medical-pharmacological sector or the administrative field – speaks volumes. It is therefore no surprise that many URSAPHARM employees spend their whole working life with the company.


Along with human creativity and energy, it is crucial for a pharmaceutical manufacturer to always have the most advanced technical facilities to implement their developments. For decades, URSAPHARM has continually invested in its manufacturing sites. Today, the company produces pharmaceuticals and medical products of outstanding quality in highly efficient, ultra-modern manufacturing plants. Sterile liquid and semi-solid dosage forms, such as eye drops, eye ointment and nasal sprays, are manufactured in so-called “clean rooms”. In addition, URSAPHARM’s broad manufacturing spectrum also includes solid dosage forms such as tablets, film-coated tablets and capsules. The high standard at URSAPHARM is demonstrated by the large number of successful audits and inspections by national and international authorities. The subject of “sustainability” is also a top priority for the company: environmentally responsible and environmentally friendly production methods and facilities have been established practice for many years.