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COMOD® system

The COMOD® system – the safe solution for your eyes

Above all, eye drops should have good tolerability and be germ-free in order to protect sensitive eyes. Eye drops often contain preserving agents, such as benzalkonium chloride, in order to prevent them from being contaminated with germs. However, these additives are not harmless: they can cause allergies, impede the regeneration of eye tissue and further reinforce the symptoms of dry eyes.

In order to avoid this problem, URSAPHARM has developed the innovative COMOD® system: The name COMOD stands for COntinuous MOno Dose and describes an integrated AIRLESS application system. It keeps the liquid sterile as well as sealed airtight, and thereby makes it possible to do completely without preserving agents of any kind. All eye drops in the HYLO® family are supplied in bottles with the patented COMOD® system and are therefore preservative-free, have a long shelf life after opening and can also be accurately dispensed.

Drop-by-drop dosage with the patented COMOD® system.

This is how the COMOD® system works: sterile without preserving agents

Our innovative COMOD® dosage system is purely mechanical. The liquid on the inside is packed in a flexible, airtight sachet and at no point comes into contact with the surrounding air. When the special pump system is activated, a stream of air flows into the space between the inner sachet and the container wall to equalise the pressure. The negative pressure created pulls the flexible inner sachet more and more together. In this way, the inner sachet stays sealed and the liquid is protected against contamination from the air. The contents remain sterile for a period of use of 6 months – all without preserving agents.

Drop-by-drop dosage with the COMOD® system

In addition to that, the COMOD® dosage system makes it possible to dispense exactly one drop per pump stroke. This means the contents go a long way. Each bottle with 10 ml contents can provide at least 300 drops. The output of liquid is precisely dosed by the valve system. Every time it is used, the drop dispensed is the same size so that a constant, reliable effect is produced.

COMOD® system or single-dose container?

The COMOD® system offers more benefits when compared to single-dose containers, which are produced for one-time use. The high-quality COMOD® bottles have a smooth dropper tip. In contrast, ripping open the single-dose containers can create sharp-edged drop openings which increase the risk of injury to the eyelid margin or the eye. The COMOD® system thus provides additional safety for your eyes. The COMOD® system also has benefits with regard to the environment: Compared with single-dose containers, the COMOD® bottles produce less packaging waste.

This is how you use the COMOD® bottle

The COMOD® system is really easy and safe to handle. Find out more in the section entitled “Use of eye drops”.

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